About us

P.L.A., acronym for his founder's name Pier Luigi Alinari, was raised up in February 2010 as a new figure of the recreational vehicles market in the so called "Caravan Valley" district located in the heart of Tuscany.

A new independent and lively enterprise which monitors the generational, cultural and technological changes that give shape at an ever developing market. It comes from Pierluigi Alinari's love, passion and 30-year experience of Pierluigi Alinari grown up within the world of the caravaning holidays; thanks to its flexible organization, he undertook the mission of mixing design and functional capacity, technology and craftsmanship, performance and reliability with the aim to meet the needs of the caravaning sector.

His long journey full of satisfactions and successes turns into a message giving shape and action at the future motorhomes featured by great originality, refined design and technological innovations.

In the of 2016 the French group Rapido purchased the majority of the share capital and P.L.A. starts to belong to one of the most important actor within the European industry of the leisure vehicles.


About Pierluigi Alinari.

In 1970 he started supplying the bodyworks for the vehicles of Roller, a top-class caravans manufacturer, until an amount of 40 pieces per day.

In 1980, as consequence of the crisis which affected that sector, he took over the bankruptcy-C.I. Caravans International by paying its debts and launching it in the italian and european market in few years.

In 1996, when Caravans International was still one of the main brands in Italy and Europe, he decided to sell the 70% of the company at the merchant bank Schroeder becoming the C.I. managing director; in 1999 he resigned in order to undertake a new task by taking part at the starting up of McLouis, born as a motorhome-rental.

At the end of 2001 he sold the 100% of McLouis at SEA S.p.A. of which he filled the position of vice-president until 2005, the year he resigned since he wasn't agreeing the industrial strategies.

During his four-year vice-chairmanship he built brands as Dream and Joint and was put in charge of the business and design unit of Mobilvetta.

In 2010, at the age of 75 years and after few years spent in the retirement, he engages in a new mission.

After a 48-year activity in the caravanning sector, the founder Pierluigi Alinari takes leave from the company at the age of 83 years