About us

The journey never stops

1970 Pier Luigi Alinari, founder of P.L.A., starts his mission in the caravanning industry as a supplier of spare parts for Roller.
1980 He overtakes Caravan International, on the verge of going out of business, and successfully launches it again on the Italian market first, and then in the European one within a few years.
1999 - 2005 He contributes to start up Mc Louis and becomes vice-president of SEA S.p.A, builds up brands like Dream and Joint, oversees the Mobilvetta business unit.
2010 At 75 years old, he founds P.L.A. to meet the needs of a renovated and evolving caravanning market, which he leads it until 2018.
2014 - 2019 P.L.A. purchases Giottiline, and with the Siena range it becomes the only brand with a whole range offer, from entry-level to A-class models.
On 2020 We expect the completion of a relevant renovation which will gradually lead to the extension of the industrial plant in Tuscany in the same location where the company was settled.

The secret of success

- 10 years ago, our company was founded; lately we largely extended our plant located in Colle di Val d’Elsa, in the heart of the caravan valley in Tuscany.
- In 2014 we acquired the Giottiline brand and in 2016 we became part of the Rapido group; they are sharing with us their knowledge and investing in the development of the PLA products, with the goal of offering customers the best solutions.
- New innovative and high-quality products are being produced as a result of the merging of cultures and skills with the Rapido group.
- PLA is today one of the main Italian caravan manufacturers, with a sales network of over 100 dealers and service centers.